Colorado Reader January 2020: Fueling your life (Electricity)

olorado Reader Fueling your life It takes many different sources of energy, including renewables, to make the electricity that keeps your lights on. Renewable energy is power generated from sunlight, blowing wind and flowing water. You get a growing amount of your electricity from renewable resources. The rest of your energy is fueled by resources including oil, coal and natural gas. Power is generated either at large power plants, wind farms or solar fields, or locally from smaller projects in the community. Some people have solar panels on their homes to provide power. These sources of electricity are all connected by power lines to homes, schools and communities. Hi! I’m Randy. We can make electricity to power your home and school from different resources around you. Some of those resources are renewablem like sunlight, wind and water. Connecting Colorado educators and students to their food, fiber, fuel, and natural resources.