College Track: 2020 Social Mobility Report 2020 Social Mobility Report - Page 3

OBJECTIVE For the fourth consecutive year, we surveyed our college graduates to determine whether their bachelor’s degrees have paved the way to a life of opportunity, choice, and power. In addition to the quantitative and qualitative data shared in this report, our alumni stories reaffirm our hypothesis: “As a Syrian national, first-generation student, and refugee with temporary protected status in the U.S., I experienced a number of troubling disadvantages on the path to higher education and my dream of becoming a doctor. Graduating Summa Cum Laude with a bachelor’s degree in Biology enabled me to secure paid internship opportunities, leadership roles, and positions working with research pioneers, which are all vital to become a well-rounded compassionate physician. Most importantly, my experience empowered me to advocate for myself and recognize the undeniable power of storytelling as an act of service and sympathy. Now, I am in the process of applying to medical schools and eager to continue working with marginalized communities.” -Yara, College Track New Orleans, B.S., Florida Atlantic University 2019 With more than 600 college graduates in our alumni network and survey response rates (see Appendix A), we are in a strong position to examine the relationship between a four-year college degree and life outcomes, including professional success, financial sustainability, civic purpose, and personal fulfillment. This report answers four key questions, including: •   Is higher education a powerful tool for young people to embark on a life with more choice and financial security than their parents? •   What additional experiences in college yield successful employment outcomes and contribute to solid career growth? •   Broader than social mobility, do our graduates have opportunity, choice, and power in their lives? •   How can we leverage our growing alumni network to positively impact the post-college outcomes of College Track students? Building on last year’s report, we continue to examine both absolute and relative measures of social mobility for our alumni both right out of college and several years after graduation. College Track 3