College Track: 2020 Social Mobility Report 2020 Social Mobility Report - Page 16

SPOTLIGHT THREE The value of public interest professions Since publishing our first Social Mobility Report in 2016, we have noticed a significant trend in graduates seeking careers where they can make a positive impact on their communities and society as a whole. Survey respondents often note that their passion for public interest professions is directly linked to their experience with College Track, and their shared belief in the power of self- agency and mentorship. As a counselor, College Track San Francisco alumna, Kelsey, is able to leverage the social-emotional skills she gained from her College Track advisors and undergraduate experience to impact the health and wellness of countless members of her community. “Choosing a career path that was meaningful for me meant finding something that would offer me the opportunity to have an impact on my community. Becoming a counselor seemed fitting, as I was always the one to guide my loved ones and point them to resources. Today, I spend my days working with people from all backgrounds and life experiences. One of my greatest joys is watching people engage in the therapeutic process, and as a result, fulfill their potential. I continue to pursue this field not because it is a high paying job, but because it is a highly rewarding job. It is my privilege and my honor to stand in partnership with others on the path to self-discovery and wellness.” -Kelsey, College Track San Francisco, B.A., University of California, Davis 2017, MA, University of San Francisco, 2019 College Track 16