College Track: 2020 Social Mobility Report 2020 Social Mobility Report - Page 15

Many of our college graduates choose careers that give back to their communities 4 Over half (57%) of our alumni report that their job is in the public interest or public service field, which primarily includes education, government, and nonprofit employment. Although these jobs have lower than average incomes, we are encouraged that these graduates still show strong signs of social mobility, as 81% report that they earn more than their parents and 90% have opportunities for internal advancement and promotions within their organization. In addition, our graduates with public interest careers score higher on Gallup 12 employee engagement questions, as well as report higher levels of alignment between their current job and career interests and long-term goals. Our graduates favor jobs in the public interest <30 yrs old I earn more money than my parents My job is aligned with my career interests & aspirations Public Interest Other sectors N=9 vs. N=26 Public interest careers are more satisfying N=31 Yet social mobility is high for any career choice N=41 vs. Wages are lower in public interest jobs* N=67 N=39 N=69 N=43 30-36 yrs old *For the purpose of this analysis, we removed graduates with up to $9,999 and over $150,000 annually as they could not be quantified in this format. College Track 15