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How do graduates fare two years after college graduation ? In last year ’ s survey , seven fresh graduates were still looking to land a job . In this year ’ s survey , nearly all 2016 graduates are either employed or in graduate school ! 3 Darius ’ story illustrates the winding path some graduates encounter after college4
“ Like a lot of college students , once you get your degree and are out into the real world , I didn ’ t have a plan . So I applied and applied for jobs and nothing hit at all . I started working at FedEx and Costco because I had bills to pay . I would wake up at 3am and go to Fedex with my UC Santa Cruz hoodie on . People would look at me like , ‘ What are you doing here , did you go to school there ?’ but I would just get on the belt and do my job , and then go to Costco at 1pm until closing . I was fortunate enough to get my first real job doing a violence prevention curriculum for juveniles in detention so they can make improvements once they get out . That opened the door and now I ’ m getting my Master ’ s in Public Administration .”
-Darius , College Track Oakland , UC Santa Cruz B . A ., San Jose State University MPA candidate
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