College Track: 2019 Social Mobility Report 2019 Social Mobility Report | Page 26

• How long after earning your degree did it take you to secure a job ? What type of employment ?
• How much do you earn in a year before taxes ?
• How much in loans did you have at the end of your studies ?
• Do you earn more than your parents do now ?
• Is your job in the Public Interest / Public Service field ?
• On a scale of 1 to 5 , how would you say your current job aligns with your career aspirations :
• Does your current job require a Bachelor ’ s degree ?
• At any point during college , did you have a job to help you pay the bills that was not directly linked to your studies or future career plans ?
• At any point in college did you have an internship ( or co-op , or workstudy , or job ) that was related to your studies or future career plans ?
• Did you have a well-defined postcollege plan at any point during college ( e . g . you had identified specific roles that you would seek after college , you had identified specific area of graduate study and the right graduate school )?
• Did you have a “ mentor-like ” relationship with a faculty member or instructor ?
• In the past 12 months ( while in college ), were you involved in a club / organization at your college ?
• Did you have a leadership role with that club / organization ?
• In the past 12 months did you attend a networking event ? ( Help Note : For example a career fair , internship fair , event for scholarship recipients or event that includes alumni from your college ).
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