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Nearly two thirds of College Track alumni say their job is in the public interest or public service field , which primarily includes education , government , and non profit employers . Our graduates employed in the for- profit sector occasionally identify their work as benefitting the public , as illustrated in Darwin ’ s story4
“ I thought I wanted to be a lawyer , but then I got an internship with President Obama ’ s speechwriting team during the 2012 campaign . Fighting for a vision of America that provided opportunity for everyone was inspiring-it reminded me of the people at College Track who did so much for me . I am where I am because of those who paid it forward . Because of them , I now get to work on social impact initiatives and campaigns at a national public affairs and political consulting firm , work that I love and believe in .” -Darwin , College Track Oakland , UCLA Graduate
Darwin has chosen this career path because it resonates with his personal experience and his belief that many individuals can be lifted up from poverty if people like himself work towards this goal . Darwin acknowledges that his wages are lower than what he would have earned as a lawyer , and this experience is confirmed in our data below . Yet our data also show that all other indicators of social mobility and career satisfaction are on par or higher in public interest careers than in the other sectors .
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