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The Council of the College of Veterinarians of Ontario is pleased to announce the College office will be relocating in 2022 .
“ The College values its history in the building at 2106 Gordon Street and has enjoyed almost 30 years at this location . However , the College has evolved to a point where the current facility on Gordon Street in Guelph is no longer meeting the needs of the organization ,” said College President Dr . Tyrrel de Langley .
Following extensive discussion and review of options , Council has decided to sell the College ’ s current building and lease office space for the College in the Hanlon Creek Business Park . The new office , which will begin construction later this year , will be conveniently located in the south-end of Guelph .
“ Our Council undertook extensive review of all options from renovating the existing building to selling that building and leasing . Leasing emerged as the best option to respond to the College ’ s current and future needs ,” said Dr . de Langley . “ The College Council is always attentive to our budget and managing our resources responsibly - this decision reflects that .”
Moving to the business park provides the College with a more practical location that is more accessible for staff , the profession and the public . As well , the new building supports the College ’ s commitment to energy efficiency and conducting our activities in an ecofriendly manner .
“ The College ’ s current building has become increasingly challenging , and costly , to maintain and is unable to effectively and safely accommodate staff or College activities ,” said Dr . de Langley . “ Further the area around 2106 Gordon Street is slated for high density commercial and residential development which isn ’ t a great fit for us in the longterm . Our Council looks forward to the College ’ s move to the new building in 2022 .”
Please be advised the College office at 2106 Gordon Street in Guelph remains closed to the public due to the pandemic . College staff are working remotely and are available to respond to your inquiries . The College will make an announcement when its office is open to the public again .
College office at 2106 Gordon St ., Guelph


At its June meeting , College Council reviewed its professional practice standard on telemedicine .
Telemedicine has been used extensively to support the public ’ s access to veterinary medicine throughout the COVID-19 pandemic . In March 2020 , the College relaxed its rules enabling veterinarians to prescribe noncontrolled drugs and substances within a veterinarian-client-patient relationship but without an in-person examination .
Also , given the international environment of telemedicine , jurisdiction is an important consideration . A veterinarian licensed in Ontario remains accountable to the College , which maintains jurisdiction over its licensed members regardless of where or how they are practising . The College also recognizes that circumstances will arise where a veterinarian who is not licensed or living in Ontario chooses to offer veterinary services via telemedicine to an Ontario animal . The College expects that a veterinarian who is not licensed in Ontario will comply with the licensing requirements and standard of care in the jurisdiction in which they hold licensure . If the College becomes aware of concerns about a non-member providing care via telemedicine to an Ontario animal , the College may share that information with the relevant regulatory authority .
Further , Council looked at its standard on prescribing a drug in connection with its telemedicine standard . Following discussion , Council approved changes for public consultation which would permit a veterinarian to obtain recent and sufficient knowledge of an animal through a virtual examination in order to prescribe a non-controlled drug to a new patient or for a new condition with an existing patient where there is an immediate , short-term need under certain conditions , as laid out in the standard on prescribing . It is important to note that the additional requirement to be readily available in-person to manage any adverse reactions to a drug , when prescribing a drug , has not been altered .
The College Council looks forward to your feedback on the revised drafts . This consultation will open later this summer .
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