College Columns May 2022 - Page 9

demonstrating extraordinary commitment to and achievements realized in diversity , equity and inclusion initiatives .
• The Board has acknowledged the recommendations of the DEI Commission that a Freshman Fellow Program be developed and has authorized the Executive Committee of the College to develop and implement , including by the appointment of the DEI Committee , a Freshman Fellow Program consistent with the recommendations in the Final Report of the DEI Commission .
• The Board also endorsed the following resolutions passed by the American College of Bankruptcy Foundation Board on March 31 , 2022 :
Resolved , that the Foundation aspires to the goal of at least 25 % of the funds budgeted for grants and programs being allocated to support pro bono programs that support diverse communities and diversity , equity and inclusion initiatives consistent with the mission and by-laws of the Foundation .
Resolved that the Executive Committee of the Foundation is directed ( i ) to work with the College Executive Committee and the Standing DEI Committee regarding the funding of diversity , equity and inclusion programs , such as pipeline programs , by the Foundation and ( ii ) to report to the Foundation Board before the fall 2022 meeting on such efforts , with recommendations as to how the Foundation should proceed .
• The Board also authorized the new DEI committee each year to select and submit to the Board for approval and action a “ Bankruptcy Project ” to propose to the Law Firm Antiracism Alliance , a collaboration among 290 + Alliance Firms “ working together to help identify and dismantle systemic and structural racism in the law .”
• And finally , the Board authorized the new DEI committee to develop a set of working principles for the College that further the objectives of the Commission ’ s continued on page 26