College Columns May 2022 - Page 25

From the Foundation continued from page 6
First , I was reminded that none of us do good work on our own . After all , although Paul is a hard act to follow , we have a wonderful board ready to work hard to help us reach the next level of generosity from a group of Fellows who time and time again have risen to the challenge , each year seeming to outgive themselves . Who could ask for a better executive group than Vince Lazar , Lisa Schweitzer and Becky Roof ? We also have seasoned board members agreeing to serve a second term and a batch of proven leaders joining us for their first term . Looking at this group of folks , it ’ s clear that we are blessed with a board populated with good hearted and generous folks who will roll up their sleeves and get the work done . The Board will be helping to establish our fundraising goals and contact each one of you to raise the money that Norm and his committee will need to fund the projects you have read about in this issue of the Columns . I am confident that the Foundation and you , as Fellows of the College , will once again step up to fund these pro bono projects throughout the country . So don ’ t worry , this is not the last you will hear from us on fundraising . We have only just begun !
I had kind of expected to have to mull over my second question . After all , the Foundation had each year outdone itself in funding worthy pro bono projects , but was there more that our mission required of us ? I was wrong , I didn ’ t get much time to mull at all ! My answer came quickly through the charge we as a College agreed to accept last month … to adopt and implement the principles of diversity , equity , and inclusion our DEI Commission presented to us . What better way to execute on our broad mission , to promote the ends of justice through educational and charitable activities , than to work with other leaders in the College to promote DEI ? Our board , upon hearing from the Commission , wanted to mindfully commit to including these principles as we execute our mission to promote justice through educational and charitable activities . The executive committee ( I told you they were superstars !) committed then and there to use the time between our Denver meeting and our fall meeting in Orlando to first examine our current programs and processes and then prepare recommendations for our board to incorporate these principles into our grant giving and programming . Upon this writing , we have already commenced that work and we look forward to using this year to promote the mission and good works of the American College of Bankruptcy Foundation . So , stay turned , the Board will be reporting back to you soon as to our progress .