College Columns May 2022 - Page 22

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We continued with the induction of new Fellows . To stand on that stage and have the honor of reading the name of each person ( after assiduously practicing the correct pronunciations , of course !) and recognizing this austere group of professionals was an experience not to be forgotten . We are all busy professionals , but at times there are moments when we should sit back and take stock , moments to celebrate accomplishments . The induction ceremony was one of these special moments when we as Fellows recognized the professional and personal excellence of our peers and invited them to work with us towards the enhancement of our practice in bankruptcy and insolvency .
Preceded by recognition of yet another outstanding group of Distinguished Law Students , our morning education panels again demonstrated the unparalleled expertise of our Fellows . We are fortunate to be part of a professional association that promotes discourse at the highest levels between all members of the profession – attorneys , judges , academics , financial advisors or other specialists in bankruptcy and insolvency . Our discussions of topics like gamesmanship in bankruptcy and thirdparty releases touched on matters that have the potential to shape the public perception – and the reality – of our profession in the years to come .
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One individual who we had the opportunity to thank for his service was Mark Bloom , the College ’ s outgoing Chair . Mark has been a wonderful partner and friend these last two years , and a phenomenal leader of the College . Mark led us through an extraordinarily difficult and unprecedented time , as an organization and as global citizens . It was a time that called upon the skills of those in our profession in many ways and required us to revisit how we worked – in court , the office , the board room and elsewhere – and to reconsider whether our bankruptcy system was meeting the needs of its constituents . Mark handled both challenges and opportunities with grace , calm and wisdom , always with the best interests of the College foremost in his thinking . He never shied away from making the difficult decisions or the personal phone / Zoom calls to communicate them , and never forgot to thank people who contributed to the College , both past and present . As someone who has served this organization in leadership capacities since becoming 11th Circuit Regent in 2003 – almost 20 years – Mark ’ s fingerprints are on many of our institutional accomplishments .
Returning to the topic of DEI , let me start by adding my thanks to Judge Laurel Isicoff and Judge Jeff Hopkins for their truly invested and dedicated leadership of the DEI Commission over this past year , and to the entire Commission for the investment of time and effort , and for their willingness to tackle a difficult and important issue on behalf of the College , continued on page 23