College Columns May 2022 - Page 14

An Experience of A Lifetime Jay Ong , Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr , P . C .

Having just returned from Denver and attending the American College of Bankruptcy ’ s 2022 Induction ceremony for its Thirty-Third Class of Fellows , I am still processing what this unique experience means to me , as well as how best I might realize on my opportunities to contribute to the College . It certainly was a most affirming and unexpected professional experience . After practicing insolvency law for well in excess of twenty years , genuine surprises have become relatively rare encounters , but this induction process certainly qualifies .
My head still spins from what I now appreciate to be the clandestine nomination , vetting and approval procedures , the extensive time and commitment required of my gracious peers to devote their time and attention to this selfless process , the validation and deep appreciation that attends such a rare professional honor determined by my most respected colleagues , and from the wonderful , formal ceremony surrounded by family and friends ( my wife , in particular , appreciated the opportunity to get me back into my tuxedo ). These considerations all made the
weekend an unforgettable experience of my professional lifetime . It also made for a grand and sorely needed opportunity to see and catch up with longtime friends from across the nation .
Perhaps by design , I am left incredibly humble in its wake , and full of renewed motivation to carry on the achievements of the Fellows who have come before me . For a career bankruptcy practitioner , I truly felt to be walking with giants in the field as I stood with my class Fellows and mingled through the conference and events , socializing and engaging in sophisticated discourse with the most accomplished , esteemed and like-minded members of my profession . I consider having obtained their recognition not only for professional expertise but also for consistent devotion to social justice and the advancement of humankind , to