College Columns May 2022 - Page 10

Big Shoes ( Boots ) to Fill

Many Thanks to Charlie Beckham

Patricia Redmond , Stearns Weaver Miller Weissler Alhadeff & Sitterson , P . A . Chair , Board of Regents
As I begin my term as Chair of the Board of Regents , I am keenly aware of the critically important role that the Regents play in the College . As in the past , this year ’ s Board of Regents is comprised of outstanding insolvency professionals and , is also , the most diverse in the history of the College .
In Denver , the College inducted what Charlie Beckham characterized as “ Classic Class 33 ”. The Class represents the College ’ s focus on diversity , equity and inclusion and with the assistance of the DEI Committee , will continue to improve in the future . Women represented approximately 22 % of Class 33 ; not including our new International Fellows , approximately 22 % of our new fellows have diverse backgrounds . A majority of the Class is under the age of 52 . Class 33 also includes a high percentage of consumer-focused professionals . The class is comprised of 33 lawyers , 4 judges , 5 financial advisers and 3 international professionals . Class 33 also includes our first fellows from Puerto Rico and India . You may access additional information with respect to our new fellows by clicking here .
Now that we are all home safely and hopefully healthy , it is time to restart the process of identifying and vetting new fellows for Class 34 to be inducted in March
of 2023 . The Board of Regents will be meeting October 19 , 2022 during the NCBJ in Orlando to nominate the Class 34 fellows . We are looking for the best and brightest insolvency professionals and academics . Whether your circuit is discussing candidates in person , by zoom meetings , or soliciting nominations from fellows , please remember that it is strictly confidential and candidates should not know they are being considered . Nominations are due to your Regent and Circuit Admissions Council by June 27 , 2022 .
As a result of resolutions passed by the Board at the Denver meeting and certain bylaw changes , each of the Circuit Admissions Councils will include a member of the DEI Committee to implement the College ’ s diversity equity and inclusion focus and help create the pipeline necessary to develop and mentor diverse insolvency professionals for potential fellowship in the College later in their career .
The time from nomination to selection is very busy . After the nomination packages are received by the Regent or Nominating Committee , the Circuit Admissions Council and the two ( 2 ) Nominating Committees review and vet each of the nominations . The vetting process includes reaching out to fellows who know the candidate or who have been involved in professional or case related activities with the candidate . Please respond to any inquiry and be involved in the nomination process . Your input is critical to identifying and choosing candidates who
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