College Columns May 2017 - Page 5

cases handled, employment history and examples of the ways in which the candidate has contributed to the field and to his/her community.

• The application must be signed by a nominator and two sponsors. Each nominator and sponsor must submit a letter containing substantive reasons why the candidate has the qualifications to be admitted. Three to five other recommendation letters should also be provided for each candidate.

• It is very important that this process must be entirely confidential. Since many candidates are not admitted, it could cause unwanted embarrassment if the candidate were to know that he/she was considered for admission, but not invited to join the College. The information required must be obtained from sources that are willing to maintain the confidentiality of the process.

• Each Circuit Council and Nominating Committee will discuss and consider the potential nominees.

• On or before July 21, 2017, the Circuit Councils will have decided on which candidates they intend to nominate.

• Fellows in each circuit will be confidentially notified of the selections. Fellows will be entitled to comment on candidates, if there is disagreement with any of the Circuit Council’s decisions.

• By August 3, 2017 all comments from Fellows shall be submitted to the appropriate Regent.

• By August 10, 2017 the Circuit Councils will be required to have completed any requested reviews regarding the Council’s candidates.

• On or before August 14, 2017, each Regent and Chair of a Nominating Committee shall report all nominations to the Chair of the Regents. All applications and letters of support will be provided to the Chair. The Chair will then send each Regent a complete report on all candidates so that the Board of Regents will be prepared to discuss each candidate.

• Even after the materials have been prepared and circulated, each Regent vets the nominees from another Circuit. The nominees recommended by the two Nominating Committees also undergo further vetting. Sometimes new issues are uncovered which are important to the consideration of nominees by the entire Board of Regents.

• On October 8, 2017 at the NCBJ Conference in Las Vegas, the Regents will meet for final determinations. The Chairs of each Nominating Committee will report on each of their nominees to the Board of Regents. Each Regent will report on the nominees of his/her Circuit Council. After a full day of discussion, final decisions will be made and new Fellows will be chosen. Six months of intense effort will have culminated in the selection of class 29.

Next year’s Induction Ceremony will be on March 16, 2018, when class 29 will be inducted. That will also mark the time of our equivalent of “Truck Day”. The scent of spring will be in the air and the much anticipated beginning of a new season for us will be at hand.


Class 28 Felloiws inducted on March 10, 2017