College Columns May 2017 | Page 7

representing almost 70% of College membership;

• Promoting our Four Figure Club, and seeking an annual 10% increase in the number of Fellows who contribute at that level – target 110 members for 2017;

• Continuing to promote the “one billable hour” request to the broader membership;

• Focusing on encouraging additional giving from historically underperforming Circuits, to raise the levels of both participation and average donation;

• Increasing participation among non-lawyer Fellows of the College, through the involvement of additional fund-raising captains and Circuit Campaign Chairs from that sector;

• Publicizing and increasing the geographic penetration of our pro bono grants, so as to promote the local benefit of our grants in every one of our Circuits;

• Continuing to build on the work of our Development Committee to advance our initiatives and develop alternative sources of funding in the areas of corporate outreach, creditor trusts and major gifts, taking advantage wherever possible of the relationships and financial participation of our Senior Fellows;

• Seeking and encouraging new and innovative means of fundraising both within, and increasingly outside of, the College.

Note particularly these last two bullet points above. If we hope to increase our fundraising capacity without relying so heavily on our Fellows to make their annual contributions, we need volunteers to serve on our Development Committee and tap these additional funding

sources. That Committee currently consists of 8 members -- Marc Abrams (2d Cir.), Steven N. Berger (9th Cir.), Richard P. Carmody, Chair (11th Cir.), Robert C. Furr (11th Cir.), William W. Kannel (1st Cir.), Jeffrey W. Kelley (11th Cir.), David E. Leta (10th Cir.), and Mark G. Stingley (8th Cir.).

We need 18 members! Now more than ever the Foundation has a compelling story to tell about the vast and expanding network of pro bono consumer legal services organizations supported by our grants, and the meaningful difference those grants have made in people’s lives. If you’re looking for a way to serve the College – and the profession – and your own community – a place on the Foundation Development Committee is a terrific opportunity and a valuable use of your time!

And if you’re a Senior Fellow looking to remain active in the College, draw upon the vast professional network you’ve developed over your career, and even acquaint friends in that network with the tax advantages of directing mandatory redemptions from qualified IRAs and other retirement accounts to the Foundation, this is the place for you! Open for business! Volunteers needed!

Having exhausted myself with this cheerleading effort, permit me to close this Column by extending again my truly heartfelt thanks to all for making 2016 a record year for the Foundation. And hey, don’t forget to sign up to support the Foundation as your designated charity on AmazonSmile! If you’ve not done that yet, click on the image below.

Hope to see a great turnout at the College Luncheon that will precede the NCBJ Annual Meeting in Las Vegas in October!