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Induction Ceremony at the Annual Meeting

Marc A. Levinson, President

It is my pleasure to report on the March 10, 2017, Induction Ceremony at the Smithsonian Donald W. Reynolds Center for American Art

and Portraiture Museum, held in conjunction with the College’s Annual Meeting. The event drew approximately 450 attendees, and once again the venue, the ceremony and the reception thereafter drew rave reviews. We look forward to another successful event at the Museum on March 16, 2018.

Other than the welcoming remarks from Chairman of the Board, Chris Meyer, the induction ceremony consisted of two distinct parts. The first was the introduction of the recipient of the College’s Distinguished Service Award followed by the remarks of the honoree, Judge Thomas L. Ambro. The second was the induction of the members of Class 28. Rick Mikels, Chair of the Board of Regents, discusses the latter in his column, so I will focus on the Distinguished Service Award.

The criteria for selecting the recipient of the Distinguished Service Award were approved by the Board in October of 2012, and may be found under the News & Events tab at the top of the College website. A list of past recipients may be accessed by a link under that tab. The criteria

are stringent:

1. The recipient must have made significant accomplishments in improving the administration of justice in the insolvency and bankruptcy field;

2. The recipient must have provided distinguished service consistently rendered over a considerable period of time or a single outstanding achievement in a particular year. (The fact that a single achievement may have occurred before the year of recognition is not material.);

3. The accomplishments must arise from voluntary activities rather than for services rendered to a client as a paid professional. (This is not intended to exclude members of the judiciary, Congress, or the academic community.);

4. The recipient shall be a member of the American College of Bankruptcy; and

5. The recipient must distinguish himself or herself or his or her institution in a manner and in matters that are consistent with the goals and purposes of the College.

The recipient of the Distinguished Service Award selects the person to introduce him or her, and Judge Ambro chose D.J. (Jan) Baker, the esteemed former College President and Chairman of the Board. Baker first discussed Judge Ambro’s “paper” qualifications for the Award: Among others, outstanding bankruptcy practitioner in Delaware prior to his becoming a judge of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in 2000, active participant in the College, the National Bankruptcy Conference and the American Law Institute, former Chair of the Section of Business