College Columns June 2021 - Page 8


Class 33 , A Long Play Record

I hope all of you and your families are safe and doing well .
Only our most distinguished Fellows will recall the significance of 33s ; the other name of the long play vinyl records we all purchased in record stores until around 1990 ( and millennials are collecting now ). It was around 1990 that the average nominee for Class 33 of the College started in the bankruptcy profession . With that in mind , we should be able to elect some classic new Fellows to Class 33 .
Having endured what we hope is the worst of the coronavirus situation , we are now ready to embark on something more enjoyable – the nomination process for the 33rd Class of Fellows .
While we missed seeing the Induction of Class 31 in Washington , D . C . in March 2020 and Class 32 in Washington , D . C . in March 2021 , we can look forward to seeing their Induction of Class 31 and Class 32 in Indianapolis in October 2021 . Here are a few remarkable attributes of the members of Class 32 . The members include :
• A musician who has appeared on Saturday Night Live
• A Chapter 7 Trustee in a Chapter XI case filed in 1923
• A former President of the American Bankruptcy Institute
• A member of the Executive Committee of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem , Western Lieutenancy
Charles A . Beckham , Jr ., Haynes and Boone , LLP Chair , Board of Regents
• A Knight of the Legion of Honor presented by the President of the French Republic
• A journalist who is Editor-at-Large for Bloomberg News and the American Bankruptcy Institute .
• Volunteers for legal aid society and many many more accomplishments .
The members of Class 32 are accomplished scholars who have spoken in virtually every major city in our country . They support charitable endeavors benefitting veterans , the homeless , the disabled , and minority groups . They come from numerous states and Canada and France . They are described as highly ethical , consummate professionals , unselfish , dedicated servants , paragons of civility , and tremendously well liked . We all admire the outstanding attributes of the members of Class 32 and applaud their accomplishments .
As we engage in the nomination process for Class 33 , I ask that you thoughtfully consider how you will contribute meaningfully to our efforts to make the College even more reflective and representative of the diverse dimensions within our professional circles , including with reference to race , ethnicity , gender , sexual orientation , physical ability , type of practice and geography .
The Board of Regents will be meeting October 6 , 2021 during NCBJ in Indianapolis to nominate the 33rd Class of Fellows , who will be inducted in March 2022 in Denver . We admit only the most worthy candidates – truly the best and brightest insolvency professionals and academics . I hope that many of you already are in the process of working on a nominating package , the continued on page 23