College Columns June 2021 - Page 7

Foundation directors and other Circuit fundraisers and our stellar executive office staff , led by Jenny Cudahy . Particularly during the fourth quarter – year after year – that entire group devotes countless hours to ensuring that we leave no fundraising stone unturned .
Now on to the 2021 campaign . We are off to a ( typically ) somewhat listless start , having raised only $ 29,743.96 through May 15 . Wouldn ’ t it be wonderful if , starting this year , we began to take some of the pressure off of the fourth quarter – particularly in a year when we again expect substantial demand for our pro bono grantees ’ services ? And if you could avoid repeated calls and pleas from Foundation representatives during the holiday season ? Please give early in 2021 !
THANK YOU again , on behalf of the Foundation , its board of directors , its Pro Bono Committee , and all of our grantees for your extraordinary support of our mission in 2020 . And stay safe .
With grant applications due as of June 1 , 2021 , the Pro Bono Committee will begin its work to review and recommend pro bono grants to be funded this year . Our grantees come from across the country , in every circuit , in cities large and small , as well as in rural areas . We fund programs designed to maximize the reach of our grantees by increasing volunteers and expanding resources . Applications include requests to fund ( i ) pro bono clinics and volunteer attorney trainings to recruit additional volunteers , or expand the reach of volunteer attorneys , ( ii ) self help desks and pro se clinics to assist those individuals who must navigate the process on their own , ( iii ) development of training or informational videos to reach pro bono attorneys or potential clients , ( iv ) software and hardware upgrades to enable remote connections to clients ; and ( v ) community education and outreach , to provide individuals with needed information on debt and bankruptcy relief .

From the Pro Bono Committee

Hon . Janet E . Bostwick , U . S . Bankruptcy Court Co-Chair , Pro Bono Committee
Support for access to justice is an important part of the mission of the Foundation and College . On behalf of the Committee and our grantees , I thank the College , the Foundation and the Fellows , whose support and generosity make the grants possible . I would like to take this opportunity to share with you a few stories of clients you have helped . ( Client names have been changed to protect their privacy .)
From the Brooklyn Bar Association Volunteer Lawyer Project , Brooklyn , NY :
“ After years of domestic violence , Anna and her two young children fled from their home and moved hundreds of miles away to New York City , seeking anonymity and a fresh start . It was not an easy transition as she lived in two domestic violence shelters with her children while trying to find permanent housing . In addition to the emotional toll of the relationship , Anna was dealing with the financial toll as well : her former partner had used her credit cards during their relationship and ran up thousands of dollars of debt in her name . continued on page 33