College Columns June 2021 - Page 31

President ’ s Message continued from page 5
The DEI Commission will present its final report at the March 2022 Annual Meeting in Denver . Our Fellows should also expect to hear from the DEI Commission as they report on their plans and progress and provide information to enhance our awareness regarding these important issues . Consistent with that objective , the DEI Commission will be presenting a program during the upcoming All-Fellows Luncheon in Indianapolis to promote mindfulness regarding diversity , equity and inclusion
among our Fellows .
The DEI Commission is oriented towards action and will need our collective support and participation . In the words of Judge Hopkins and Judge Isicoff , “ We can accomplish anything to which we set our hearts and our minds to make our profession look more like the broad cross-section of people whose interests we serve .”
Looking forward to meeting you where you are , whether virtually or – hopefully – in person in Indianapolis . Keep well .

Third Circuit Fellows ’ Education Program

On January 25 , 2021 , the Third Circuit Fellows , together with Rutgers Center for Corporate Law and Governance and Rutgers Institute for Professional Education , hosted their fourth annual education program discussing important bankruptcy decisions of the last 12 months . Presented in a virtual format , the program was moderated by Fellow Bill Rochelle , Editor-at-Large for the American Bankruptcy Institute , and featured Bankruptcy Judges Rosemary Gambardella ( NJ ), Eric L . Frank ( ED PA ), Brendan Linehan Shannon ( DE ) and Chief Bankruptcy Judge Michael B . Kaplan ( NJ ) as well as Rutgers Professor of Law and Judge Morris Stern Scholar , Chrystin Ondersma .