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deadline for completion of which is June 18 , 2021 . Completing the nominations materials takes a lot of work and the process is strictly confidential -- candidates must not know that they are being considered .
As is our custom , before you begin work on a nomination , we ask that you reach out to the relevant Regent or Chair of the Judicial Nominating Committee or International Fellows Nominating Committee to preview your proposed nominee . After nomination packages are submitted to the Regent or Nominating Committee , the members of each Circuit Admissions Council and the two Nominating Committees undertake the important and arduous task of reviewing and vetting the nominations . They will be contacting many of you on a strictly confidential basis for your input about potential nominees . Each year , more than 100 College Fellows are involved in the nominations process . The list of Regents , members of the Circuit Admissions Councils and the Chairs and members of the two Nominating Committees can be accessed on the College website at : https :// www . americancollegeofbankruptcy . com / about / membership-information /
We welcome your active participation in the nominating process . Nominees must possess a number of qualities to meet the exacting standards of the College . These are discussed below and are described in the bylaws of the College ( found in the About section of the College website at the URL noted above ).
The bylaws provide that the College honors those professionals whose sustained performance in the practice of their profession exemplify the highest standards of professionalism among bankruptcy specialists by granting them
membership as Fellows . Fellows consist of bankruptcy professionals , including lawyers , judges , law professors , accountants , appraisers , auctioneers , officers of the government , officers of lending institutions , reorganization , workout and liquidation specialists and others who are dedicated to the improvement of the bankruptcy process and the enhancement of the professional quality of and public respect for the insolvency and bankruptcy practice .
Membership is by invitation to honor those individuals who have proven to their peers , and to the bar , bench and public , through long , continuous performance in their bankruptcy specialty that they possess : the highest professional qualifications and ethical standards that high level of character , integrity , professional expertise and leadership which demonstrates the likelihood that they will continue to contribute to the enhancement of bankruptcy scholarship , continuing education , and the bankruptcy process a commitment to fostering and furthering the objectives of the College sustained , exceptionally high quality professional services to clients , bar , bench , and public significant evidence of scholarship , teaching , lecturing , and / or distinguished published writings on bankruptcy practice , procedure , philosophy , improvements and reforms which demonstrates a consistent contribution to the enhancement of bankruptcy literature , education , practice and process .
Nomination applications will be reviewed and thoroughly vetted by the relevant Circuit Admissions Councils and Nominating Committees between June 18 , 2021 and August 20 , 2021 . They will then vote to determine their recommended candidates
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