College Columns June 2021 - Page 22

Volunteer Survey
From the Column ... ist ... continued from page 3 for a human ;
• increased review of social media pages ,
• renewed interest in photography hobby , including posting numerous pics on Flicker . com ,
• having my 90-year old mother tell me for the first time ever to “ keep my distance ”; and
• drafting pleadings with the internet connection disconnecting and reconnecting as I struggled to hit “ save ” before losing my work ; This list informs me that it was a year of
“ making do .’ And that is what most of us
did . As we hopefully turn the corner , we can appreciate those things we missed and also appreciate those things we didn ’ t really miss after a while . Adjustments to our work logistics can be made to preserve some of the more enjoyable time at home , or to enhance our time at the office . Increasing our people to people contact and communication without a screen in between us is one of the more appreciated changes .
So , let me send a virtual handshake or hug to each of you , and hope that by the time we see each other in Indianapolis , we can turn it back to analog ! Best . S .
Once again during these times of remote work and virtual meetings , the Committees of the College have been going about their work with the same sense of purpose and regard for excellence to which we all have become accustomed . In order to expand and enhance opportunities to join in that work , we would like to invite ALL Fellows to consider volunteering for and actively participating on one of our College Committees .
Click the button below to access the survey and view the descriptions of the various Committees .

Volunteer Survey