College Columns June 2021 - Page 18

ACB Distinguished Law Student Awards

Each year the American College of Bankruptcy selects a group of students to receive a Distinguished Law Student Award . To qualify for this prestigious award , the students must be nominated by a professor or dean of their law school . The students undergo a rigorous evaluation process that includes interviews , submission of written materials and a review of the candidate ’ s academic standing . All the nominated law students are considered by their respective Circuit council , which selects the Distinguished Law Student ; only one student is selected from each Circuit . The Circuits are divided into two groups with each group selecting a winning student from each of their member circuits every other year . The honorees are awarded an all-expenses paid trip to the College ’ s annual Induction Ceremony and Events , which for 2021 will take place on October 4-6 , 2021 in Indianapolis where they have an opportunity to meet and get to know the most distinguished bankruptcy practitioners and judges in the country . Many of the Distinguished Students honored by the College have gone on to make their own important contributions to bankruptcy law and practice .
Alexis Soares ( First Circuit )
Alexis Soares , the First Circuit Award winner , is currently completing her last year of law school at Suffolk University Law School . A Boston native , Alexis attended undergraduate at Ohio State University . She went to Ohio originally to train to be a news correspondent . After college she worked
18 for Kappa Delta sorority and while there did some diversity and inclusion programming which involved her working with an in-house lawyer . It was this experience that inspired her to become a lawyer . She received accolades from a law school professor who coached the SULS team in the Duberstein Moot Court Competition . According to that professor , Alexis was a stand out student who excelled academically as exemplified by her high class standing ; exhibited professional accomplishments , as exemplified by her service on the SULS Moot Court Board and as a member and captain of the SULS team in the Duberstein Moot Court Competition ; is committed to public service , as exemplified by her internships with the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Attorney General ’ s Office ; and has a keen interest in and familiarity with bankruptcy law , as exemplified by her course work , her work involving the Duberstein Competition , and her internship with a bankruptcy judge . As captain of the SULS Duberstein Team , Alexis was an effective leader , making sure that the team ’ s brief comported with all the competition ’ s rules and wrote a thorough , effective , and compelling argument . Moreover , Alexis acted as a supervisor and mentor for the other team members , essentially an assistant coach , advising them on their assigned tasks with the brief and oral argument , and organizing all practice arguments . Her team ’ s debate topic is whether the Bankruptcy Code has impliedly replaced the federal Arbitration Act .
Alexis ’ hobbies outside of law school include reading and fitness . One of her previous jobs was working as a spin instructor .