College Columns June 2021 - Page 12

ACB Distinguished Business Student Awards

In 2020 , for the first time , the College through its Distinguished Student Committee selected two business students to be awarded a Distinguished Business Student Award . To qualify for this prestigious award , the students must be nominated by a professor or dean of their business school . The students undergo a rigorous evaluation process that includes interviews , submission of written materials and a review of the candidate ’ s academic standing . Business student nominations are considered on a national basis by a separate subcommittee of the College .
Richard Jove
Richard is one of our first students to receive the ACB ’ s Distinguished Business Student Award . He is originally from Old Greenwich , Connecticut and is a senior in Boston College ’ s Carroll School of Management Honors Program . He serves as the Co-President of the Boston College Investment Club , a student-run investment organization that manages a $ 1 MM portfolio . He also co-founded the college ’ s Parliamentary Debating Union .
Richard was first introduced to the field of bankruptcy during his freshman summer internship at Odinbrook Global Advisors , a restructuring advisory firm . He immediately became interested in the role because he recognized the direct impact that restructuring advisors have on the success or failure of companies and therefore on the livelihoods of individuals . He realized that working in restructuring would allow him to tie his interests in corporate finance together with his desire to make a positive impact on society . In speaking with other industry professionals , Richard also learned that restructuring advisory is inherently more complex and strategic than some of the other products offered by an investment bank because there are no cookie-cutter solutions to a client ’ s unique needs ; this added intellectual challenge excites Richard .
During the early days of COVID-19 , Richard authored a paper on the dearth of activity in the debt capital markets and the potentially catastrophic ramifications that zombie companies would have suffered had it not been for government intervention . Soon after , Richard joined Perella Weinberg Partners ’ restructuring team for his junior year internship . His summer with the firm highlighted the evident risks posed by exogenous shocks such as COVID-19 and the beneficial impact that restructuring advisors can have by helping companies bridge to a recovery . Richard is excited to be joining Perella Weinberg Partners fulltime this summer . During his final year at Boston College , Richard further explored the concepts that he learned at Odinbrook and Perella by completing Professor Edith Hotchkiss ’ course on corporate valuation and restructuring . Richard also served as Professor Hotchkiss ’ research assistant for a bankruptcy-related project . A fun fact about Richard is that he speaks Italian fluently and has family in both Italy and Spain – he is excited to visit his relatives once the travel restrictions are lifted .