College Columns December 2021 - Page 4

President ’ s Message : Are You Engaged ?

Melissa S . Kibler , Mackinac , an Accordion Company President , American College of Bankruptcy
We are all trying to find our places in the new world order , after the COVID-19 pandemic has turned so much of what we knew on its head . How , when and where do we work ? On one hand , the realization that we can efficiently conduct remote meetings , events or hearings has broadened participation , facilitated scheduling , and reduced travel , all while providing greater personal flexibility . Some of us have begun to re-enter the realm of in-person meetings , conferences and social events ; some remain more comfortable ( from a health standpoint or otherwise ) with virtual options . Almost universally , however , this pandemic has ( 1 ) reminded us of the importance of human interaction to our relationships and our well-being , and ( 2 ) highlighted a basic social need to belong , to be part of worthy efforts or institutions that are bigger than ourselves . Said differently , we need to be engaged : to be involved in activity , to be greatly interested , committed . So I will ask – are you engaged with the College ?
Induction into the College not only recognizes the notable contributions that each of our Fellows has made to the profession and his or her community but offers a collective opportunity to continue making a meaningful impact . The College ’ s many committees provide those opportunities to be involved and foster relationships with Fellows at both a circuit and national level . If you are interested

engaged adjective

en · gaged | \ in-ˈgājd , en- \ Definition of engaged 1 : involved in activity : OCCUPIED , BUSY 2 : pledged to be married : BETROTHED 3 : greatly interested : COMMITTED 4 : involved especially in a hostile encounter 5 : partly embedded in a wall // an engaged column 6 : being in gear : MESHED
Source : Merriam-Webster
in planning circuit educational and social events , each circuit has an Educational Programs Committee chair or subcommittee , which often collaborates with the Meetings and Events Committee to plan joint events . Our Bankruptcy History Committee looks backward and seeks to memorialize the foundation of bankruptcy and insolvency practice , while our Bankruptcy Policy Committee looks forward to chart the course for the future of our profession . In the area of outreach , the College Columns Committee oversees publication of our internal newsletter ; externally , the Visibility Committee enhances public awareness of the activities and achievements of the College and its Fellows , while the Liaisons Committee interfaces and collaborates with other insolvency organizations . Several committees channel the efforts and enhance the involvement of valuable affinity