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the best job in the College . My experience over my two-year term as Chair , in building Classes 32 and 33 and working with the Regents and Committee Chairs , affirms that belief .
COLLECTIVE EFFORT : I want to extend my sincere gratitude to Mark Bloom , Melissa Kibler , Pat Vance and all of the Regents and Nominating Committee Chairs ( and the members of the Circuit Councils and Nominating Committees ) for their tireless efforts and commitment to this process . The Regents and Committee Chairs presented an exceptional list of candidates for consideration . The Regents are : John Monaghan ( 1st ), James Bromley ( 2nd ), Natalie Ramsey ( 3rd ), Douglas Foley ( 4th ), Lisa Futrell ( 5th ). Michael Coury ( 6th ), Jamie Sprayregen ( 7th ), Michael Stewart ( 8th ), Jennifer Hagle ( 9th ), Mark Craige ( 10th ) and
Patricia Redmond ( 11th ). Our Regents-at- Large are Professor Robert Lawless , Judge Clifton Jessup and Cynthia Nelson . The Chairs of the Judicial and International Nominating Committees are Jan Baker and Steven Kargman , respectively .
My thanks , as well , to the many other Fellows who participated as nominators , sponsors and supporting letter writers . Each of you can take pride in knowing that you contributed to perpetuate the highest ideals of the College by ensuring that we admit Fellows worthy of our lofty standards . It has been an honor and pleasure to help guide this process . I am thankful for and appreciate the opportunity to serve the College in this capacity . I certainly hope you are planning to attend the Induction Weekend in April , 2022 when you will have the opportunity to welcome our new Fellows personally .
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kids ( and I ) thought it was especially wonderful that my law clerk , Hannah-Kaye Fleming , was awarded ACB ’ s Distinguished Law Student Award for the 9th Circuit . My family left the College ’ s induction ceremony clearly understanding that admission to the
College is a high honor .
Armed with a better understanding of the College ’ s mission , I am looking forward to working with its many scholars , thought leaders and insolvency experts to carry on ACB ’ s rich tradition . It is indeed cool to once again be in college .