College Columns December 2021 - Page 22

From the Chair continued from page 21
bono legal service organizations all over the country with the grants funded each year through the growing generosity of our Fellows .
• To Richard Carmody , who never seems to run out of new and innovative ways ( and did I mention persistence ?) to energize the fundraising efforts that help the Foundation provide those grants .
• To Marti Kopacz , who for the past six years has served as Treasurer , first of the Foundation and then of the College , and helped keep me on task and both of those organizations on -- and usually way ahead of -- budget .
• To Shari Bedker , who remembers everything , forgets nothing , and time and again demonstrates the uncanny ability to rescue me even before I can realize I ’ m about to forget something or get myself in trouble with someone .
• And lastly , to Melissa Kibler , my longtime friend and for the past two years my partner in her role as President , who will succeed me as Chair at our Denver meeting this Spring , continue her tireless pursuit of diversity , equity and inclusion in the College and our profession , and make us all wonder why it took so long to elevate only the second woman -- and first non-lawyer -- to the position of Chair .
I look forward to turning over the joys and challenges of the Chair to Melissa in Denver , and hopefully to seeing even more of you in person at that meeting . If you ’ ve not been there lately , Denver has become one of America ’ s great cities ( and a great restaurant city ), with a bustling but pedestrian-friendly downtown linked by light rail to its magnificent world-class airport that ’ s only one flight from almost anywhere . And just last month The New York Times devoted a lengthy article to the “ responsive , interactive and fashionconscious ” new headquarters of the Denver Art Museum -- “ the institution that currentday curators dream of ” -- where we will induct our new Class XXXIII Fellows ( and holdover Class XXXI and XXXII Fellows who were unable to join us in Indianapolis ) on the evening of March 31 , 2022 . Shari and her team will be sending the registration materials along before you know it , so please mark your calendars to join us March 30-April 1 , 2022 in Denver .
Wishing all of you , your families and loved ones a joyous holiday season and a happy and healthy New Year . Oh , and a safe and smooth trip to Denver where we look for a great turnout in March !