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From the Chair

Pro Bono

The College devotes more than half of its operating budget to funding pro bono bankruptcy-related services. This past year, our pro bono committee received 38 grant applications from legal service and other similar organizations requesting grants in the total amount of $379,847. These requests sought funds for critical bankruptcy and debtor-creditor services to low-income debtors provided through clinics, workshops, training, bankruptcy software programs, written materials and videos.

The College provides 70% of all funds distributed by the committee. The College's Foundation, which oversees the committee's work, provides the remaining 30%. In the last calendar year, the pro bono committee was able to make grants totaling $320,000 to 36 programs in 21 states.

To supplement the funds donated by Fellows, the Foundation has begun participating in's charitable giving program, Through this initiative, Amazon will donate one-half of one percent of all purchases made through a dedicated link (detailed on the College's website). The Foundation continues to search for additional sources of revenue to fund pro bono activities, having created a development task force to raise legacy gifts, creditor trust and unclaimed plan distributions.

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The College is, to paraphrase a description from the corporate sector, relentlessly pursuing excellence. We have enhanced our funding of organizations that provide pro bono legal services to indigent consumer debtors; educated our Fellows, other professionals and law students; and helped to maintain the insolvency community's legacy. A quick sampling of our recent accomplishments follows.

Michael L. Cook, Chair

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