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Merino Hug Spring Equinox I slept all winter through. Early in the morning I woke up and went outside. A drop fell on my shoulder: snow on roofs began to melt. "Winter is over" I decided. I put on my coat and went for a walk. The sunbeam peered through gloomy clouds. It was even more fun to walk, and glory bushes, embellished with catkins, were waving after me. "It's spring already" I smiled and took off my coat. Under my feet the ground turned green, covered with sprouts of young grass. I took my shoes off and kept on my walk barefoot. Like scattered gold coins, dandelions looked at me. "April is a beautiful month" I thought. The sun passed its zenith, and I decided to go back. Grandfather promised to treat me with a glass of birch sap. On my way back I plunged into a thick cloud of a smell of blossoming lilac. "Summer is on the doorstep" I rejoiced. I took a deep breath and stood still, it seemed, for a moment. The evening was approaching. Let me introduce a collection of knitted outerwear for spring, using merino wool. Always yours - Aistė 4