Cold Link Africa July/August 2019 - Page 15

INTERNATIONAL NEWS INCORPORATING COLD CHAIN ASHRAE’s refrigeration page now online A SHRAE has announced the launch of a webpage to encourage the advancement of refrigeration technology and its application throughout the industry and beyond. The new Refrigeration webpage, referred to as the “R” in ASHRAE, highlights the Society’s commitment to supporting the role of refrigeration worldwide. The webpage features resources, information and publications concerning refrigeration and refrigerants such as standards, design guides, ASHRAE courses and more. During her term, 2018 to 2019 ASHRAE President Sheila J Hayter, appointed ASHRAE region IX director and regional chair, Trent Hunt, to oversee a board task group on refrigeration. One of the primary outcomes of this task group was the release of the refrigeration page. “ASHRAE has a longstanding history of supporting refrigeration research and technology,” says Hayter. “This page incorporates ASHRAE’s past in refrigeration, while keeping visitors abreast of our current objectives and leads the conservation of the future of refrigeration. We are confident that this page will be a powerful resource to industry professionals and the general public alike.” Additional features of the webpage include: • ASHRAE-endorsed conferences and events covering refrigeration and refrigerants. • Refrigerant designations. • Interviews with members in the field of refrigeration. • Research and news on refrigeration- related topics. Recently, ASHRAE and the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) announced the establishment of new definitions for five refrigeration keywords, further emphasising the importance of the refrigeration process to the health, comfort, and welfare of humanity. CLA Visit the ASHRAE refrigeration page at: COLD LINK AFRICA • July/August 2019 15