Cold Link Africa July/August 2019 | Page 19

PROJECT INCORPORATING COLD CHAIN 1 2 if a system goes down, the back-up units can handle the load and cold chain requirements are not failed at any point in the room for even a moment. This process can last up to a week. MAINTENANCE In addition to the stringent design specifications, it’s vital not to neglect maintenance after installing these magnificent systems. Imperial Logistics takes this very seriously and signed a service level agreement with Lutz Refrigeration to ensure that the plant is properly looked after with periodic services scheduled every three months. During these services, gas levels, fans, compressors, electrical connections, etc. are all checked and the results documented. All alarm systems are also put through their paces to make sure that they are functional if required. 3 MISSION ACCOMPLISHED The client was extremely appreciative of the fact that they didn’t miss a day of operation during the entire construction period. The process of the new rooms coming online as the old rooms were removed ensured a seamless cold chain was maintained and their clients’ products were always looked after. CLA LIST OF PROFESSIONALS Owner Imperial Logistics Developer Abbeydale Architect / Designer Impendulo Project manager Resolve  Consulting engineer  Contractors Product suppliers Mechanical WSP (design /tender phase) C3 (project phase)  Wet services CKR Consulting Engineers Civil Impendulo Main building Abbeydale HVAC&R Lutz Refrigeration Wet services Abbeydale Electrical Raptor electrical Product Supplier Compressors GEA and Copeland  Evaporators Colcoil and HC Heat Condensers Colcoil and HC Heat   Control and monitoring systems Carel  Solenoid and expansion valves Danfoss Building louvres Trox Insulation panels Isowall Fire systems Belfa Motorised cold room doors Stab-a-load Generators Gillespie Diesel 4 1. Smaller vertical sliding electrical doors into cold room from the main facility. 2. A job well done, Dave Evans (Lutz Refrigeration general manager) on left with Kevin Walters (Lutz Refrigeration design engineer). 3. Plant for airlock, dispatch and Cold Room 2, with steel ducts for hot air exhaust. 4. Inside plant room on mezzanine level. COLD LINK AFRICA • July/August 2019 19