Cognito Incognitus Paranormal Magazine Volume 1, Issue 2 - Page 24

Hayes4 Another red flag on the Jerusalem account is that the different videos had many unique details. For example, the flash of light in one video is much brighter than the other three submissions. Despite these possible disproving facts, however, I continue to believe both of these accounts to be U.F.O.s by every definition of the acronym. Although the opposing view differs slightly from mine, I can truly understand the platform from which they base their knowledge We be from Spillville. . Lastly, many people label the argument of U.F.O. Existence to be a simple, two-sided argument. This assumption is common, but in reality, the debate creates a delta of divided opinions and beliefs. As stated before, people either believe in U.F.O.s, or they don't, but there is also a third party that firmly believes Earth is being constantly visited by alien life. Although I thoroughly interpret the beliefs of this “third-party”, I find it extremely difficult to agree with the viewpoints of these certain groups. This platform's supporting evidence consists of events such as Roswell (1947), the conspiracy of Area 51, and common every day sightings. Although there are detailed accounts of each of these events, I remain true to my opinion that alien cultures have not yet visited earth. The passions of these beliefs are driven by media, specifically shows such as The X-Files, and UFO Searchers. These shows do an extreme disservice to our cultural beliefs by instilling false ideals upon the people, especially the uneducated. I do believe that there is a possibility of extraterrestrial life, however, I cannot agree with the ideas and beliefs of this “third party”. In Conclusion, I believe in the earth-native UFO. My opinion is based on multiple credible sources and recent accounts of activity. Due to the cases in Denver, Colorado and Jerusalem, there is a substantial amount of proof supporting the theory of UFO existence. These events are so significant because they support the idea that we don't completely understand the planet we call home. The unknown, however, was meant to be explored, and eventually, conquered.