Cognito Incognitus Paranormal Magazine Volume 1, Issue 2 - Page 22

Hayes2 do not read contains top secret information Since the beginning of the nineteenth century, the fiery debate of UFO existence has raged on. What began with meager rumors and supposed sightings led to hordes of fanatics and thousands of believers. With the assistance of the media, these alleged “Unidentified Flying Objects” were labeled as alien spacecraft’s arriving from galaxies far away. Over time, a considerable amount of the populous has been led to believe these assumptions. The real question is: Are U.F.O.s real or not? I believe that U.F.O.s are real in the non-extraterrestrial sense, based on multiple events and a considerable amount of credible evidence. The first source of evidence I found on U.F.O. Existence concerned a recent occurrence in Denver, Colorado. A local photographer (remaining anonymous for publicity concerns) was taking nature shots when he noticed an odd projectile appearing in several of his images. Fascinated by his findings, the man decided to record a video, in an attempt capture the enigmatic spectacle on film. His camera, being a standard issue, functioned at approximately 24 frames per second when recording a video, therefore, should not have had any problem capturing appropriate footage. The photographer was astounded to find that the projectile appeared on only 4 out 24 frames! This means that the object was moving at near-supersonic speeds! After collecting all of the evidence, the man immediately reported his findings to the local news station, Fox 31. Heidi Hemmat, one of Fox 31's reporters reviewed the evidence and stated, "That is not an airplane, that is not a helicopter, those are