Cognito Incognitus Paranormal Magazine Volume 1, Issue 2 - Page 19

If you go around asking people what they believe about 9/11, most will tell you that they know it as a terrorist attack. Others will say it was an inside job executed by the United States government, and the rest will tell you they don't care about 9/11 (although this is a small percentage). The absolute truth that no one in their right mind can deny, except those that believe the airplanes were holograms, is that the Twin Towers were struck twice and collapsed. How they collapsed is heavily debated. As well as the question on how the towers fell, others will question their reason for collapsing. Video as well as factual discoveries will point you into the direction that says the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were not staged. The attacks were also not executed to start a war with the Middle East for their oil. The Towers and the Pentagon were attacked by terrorists controlling hijacked airplanes and the attack was caused due to US actions on foreign soil. The truth isn't hard to understand with common sense. The Towers were hit twice and collapsed, no doubt about that. What there is doubt about is how the towers fell. Common sense can prove that there were no explosives planted in the building beforehand because that would have took months of construction work for hundreds of people and miles of explosive wire. Residents of the building would have obviously become suspicious of it workers come in and out of the building holding wires. The rea