Cognito Incognitus Paranormal Magazine Volume 1, Issue 2 - Page 15

Satanic Cult or Brotherly Fraternity? Freemasonry Uncovered Freemasonry has been rumored to be a conspiracy driven cult for centuries now, but is that the truth? After researching and really digging Masons of California website, actual masons deep on which conspiracies theories are give their reasoning behind why they joined, associated with Freemasonry; I've conclusively their goals, and also even recruit new members. discovered that most, if not all, assumptions “We strive to educate and engage our blaming The Masonic Lodges for crimes are members, helping them achieve personal completely ridiculous. Some of these such growth and excel both inside and outside crimes were the assassinations of JFK, Princess the Fraternity” With this recognized, it's clear Diane, and Lincoln, the creation of the New to see that the intentions of the Fraternity are World Order, the corruption of the government, clearly not associated with any type of crime. being affiliated with the Illuminati, and also The fraternities offer numerous scholarships, numerous other plans said end with taking over and support organizations like raising a reader the world. With every example noted, there was to help motivate people to making the most of no true evidence of any correlation between the themselves and pursuing their education to the Freemasons and the actual crimes or attempts fullest ex [