Coaching World Issue 12: November 2014 - Page 8 From the Toolbox Core Competency #4: Coaching Presence Jude Tavanyar Jude is a coach, trainer, writer and psychotherapist who has worked with senior leaders globally since 1996. As an associate for Nomadic International Business Psychology, which provides virtual and face-to-face training and coaching on leadership and virtual facilitation, she has designed and delivered numerous innovative ‘virtual’ training and coaching programs for remote groups and teams since 2009. Email her at 8 Coaching World Ability to be fully conscious and create spontaneous relationship with the client, employing a style that is open, flexible and confident. Lost in Cyberspace? As a growing number of multinational organizations adopt coaching as a means of enhancing performance, team effectiveness and communication skills, coaches who are willing and able to use virtual platforms to coach individuals based in locales around the globe are in increased demand. However, despite obvious financial benefits (and increasing popularity) coaching virtually is still viewed by many practitioners as “second best” to its face-to-face equivalent. Some coaches dread technology failure; others insist that it is not possible to establish a trusting relationship in virtual space, because lack of physical contact makes us truly distant. However, cultivating a coaching presence in the virtual space is possible, particularly with the acronym “VELVET” to guide you.