Coaching World Issue 12: November 2014 - Page 5

As I write this letter, autumn is winding down in Lexington, Kentucky, USA, where ICF Global is headquartered. Although I’m excited about the promise that the next few months hold—particularly as we prepare to celebrate ICF’s 20th anniversary in 2015—it’s bittersweet saying goodbye to my favorite season. Although I’ve always loved autumn, being part of the ICF Global staff gives me one more reason to embrace this season: the selection of our International Prism Award honorees. In May, we invited ICF Credential-holders to share with us the stories of organizational coaching initiatives that fulfill rigorous professional standards, address key strategic goals, shape organizational culture, and yield discernible and measurable positive impacts. When the nomination window closed on July 31, we had a record 27 applications for our judges to review. My Prism staff team colleagues and I spent much of September and early October on the telephone, assisting the judges as they moved closer to a decision and interviewing representatives from five finalist organizations. These interviews are my favorite part of the process: Because nominations are anonymized to enable blind scoring, the interview is our first chance to get to know the organization, hear its stories and understand its unique coaching culture. We always learn so much from these calls—both about the nominees and about how coaching is transforming organizations around the globe. After a very difficult decision-making process, we were delighted to recognize J.K. Organisation (India), our 2014 ICF International Prism Award winner, and CareSource (USA), our honorable mention recipient, during a November 15 ceremony at ICF Global 2014—Latin America. (We’re sharing J.K. Organisation’s coaching story on page 12 of this issue, and will feature CareSource in a future issue of CW.) Editor’s Note Learning from the Best As we prepared to announce this year’s Prism honorees, we were also putting the final touches on a signature research study conducted in collaboration with the Human Capital Institute (HCI). Released October 1, Building a Coaching Culture uses insights from more than 500 human resources, learning and development, and talent management professionals to paint a picture of the state of organizational coaching today. (Turn to page 14 to learn how these findings can help you support the organizations you work with.) We’re exploring the role of coaching within organizations throughout this issue of CW. From practical strategies you can use to enhance your marketing to organizations (see pages 10 and 26) to a case study on coaching managers and leaders for higher performance (page 24), this issue is full of tips, tools and resources sure to benefit external and internal coach practitioners alike. As we prepare for a new, exciting year of celebrating professional coaching and ICF, I want to make sure that CW continues to help you be your best. Feel free to send your feedback and suggestions to Abby Tripp Heverin Communications Coordinator The February issue of Coaching World received a 2014 American InHouse Design Award Certificate of Excellence. Read more about this award here. Coaching World also received a 2014 APEX Award of Excellence. Read more about this award here. Coaching World 5