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Checking In

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Meaningful Marketing
Build on your 2014 marketing victories and prepare for a
successful new year by adding these three action items to
your to-do list this quarter.
Register for the 2015 ICF Business
Development Series.
The 2015 ICF Business Development Series is a virtual education
offering designed to provide coaches with essential, cutting-edge tips,
tools and insights to help you thrive in today’s market. From February
10 – 26, 2015, join host William Arruda and top subject-matter experts
for first-class marketing and business development education. Learn
more at

Lisa Barbella
Social Media Specialist

Justin Hannah
Marketing Specialist

Abby Tripp Heverin
Communications Coordinator

Ann Jarvis
Marketing Manager

Stephanie Wright
Brand Designer

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Tune in to an opportunity to promote coaching.

In late 2014, ICF partnered with MMP (USA), Inc., to produce a
13-minute segment for Corporate Review, an award-winning business
and health program hosted by Donald Trump, Jr., and airing on cable
networks, including Fox Business, Bloomberg TV and Bloomberg TV
Asia. The segment, which highlights how partnering with a coach
can help individuals and organizations achieve their goals, features
interviews with ICF CEO/Executive Director Magdalena Mook and ICF
Professional Certified Coach Christopher G. Padgett (USA), as well as
one of Chris’ coaching clients.

View (and share!) the segment, find upcoming air dates and learn
about other ICF efforts to enhance awareness of professional
coaching by visiting

International Coach Federation
2365 Harrodsburg Road, Suite A325
Lexington, KY 40504 USA
1.888.423.3131 or 1.859.219.3580

Advertise with us!

As you prepare for a new year, set aside a few hours to conduct
an audit of your 2014 marketing efforts. What strategies, tools and
techniques did you use to market your coaching business in the past
12 months? Which ones were most effective in reaching your ideal
clients? Which weren’t as effective? How can you mix and match
marketing strategies to make your message more resonant? Reflecting
on these questions before you develop your 2015 marketing plan will
help you meet the new year’s marketing challenges head-on.

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