Coaching World Issue 12: November 2014 - Page 28

Jeffrey W. Hull, Ph.D. Jeffrey is the director of education and business development at the Institute of Coaching, a Harvard Medical School affiliate; a clinical instructor in psychology at Harvard Medical School; and adjunct professor of leadership at NYU. He has served for more than 20 years as a coach and consultant to hundreds of organizations across the U.S. and internationally, specializing in leadership development and organizational strategy, design and transformation. 28 Coaching World Coaching the Post-heroic Leader This is a tough time to be a leader. It is no longer enough to be charismatic, visionary and decisive. Leaders today are asked to be inclusive, collaborative consensus-builders with high levels of emotional intelligence and self-awareness. As inhabitants of the C-suite become more diverse, the paradigm of patriarchy is crumbling. Industrial and social psychologists are observing the emergence of a new post-patriarchal, or “post-heroic,” breed of leadership that is democratic, empathetic and communitarian. Leadership Coaches are tasked with supporting clients as they build this broader set of competencies. To support coaches in accomplishing this goal, I developed a framework for assessment based on recent research in nine specific domains of leadership that represent “shifts” from a pre- to post-heroic leadership landscape (see above). In this article, we’ll take a quick tour of the nine shifts addressed in the assessment.