Coaching World Issue 12: November 2014 - Page 25

acupressure technique that helps relieve anxiety and tension). EXPERIENCE IT: Recall a happy conversation that you had recently with a loved one. Tune in to how these memories impact your overall state. If sensory anchors help “trigger” your memories, listen to a song or find a fragrance that evokes happy memories. Moving Toward Permanence In our second session, I introduce John to the concept of a circle of excellence. I ask him to imagine a circle on the ground in front of him. He imagines a past experience where he had great rapport and good conversational state. Then, he steps into that state as he steps into the circle. He is right there, in the moment. We do it again and the second time I ask him to add in any other resource he needs (feelings, sensations, beliefs, information, visual cues, a metaphor). Now, when he steps into the circle, his performance state is heightened. We repeat this a few more times until he is sure it’s “all there” and then he tests its literal portability by doing the exercise in another room. Finally, we test its potentia