Coaching World Issue 10: May 2014

Coaching World\r\nISSUE 10 May 2014\r\n\r\nMake a difference\r\n\r\n A New Point of View\r\nAbby Tripp Heverin\r\np. 18\r\n\r\nPicture This\r\nZahrina Robertson\r\np. 24\r\n\r\nFrom the Battlefield to the Corner Office\r\nChris Padgett, PCC\r\np. 30\r\n\r\n5 Changes Coaches Should Prepare For\r\nChaya Abelsky, MCC\r\np. 22\r\n\r\nCaring for Your Community with Pro Bono Coaching\r\nAbby Tripp Heverin\r\np. 28\r\n\r\n