Coaching Volleyball Magazine October / November 2015 - Page 29

depending upon the strengths of a specific rotation. This can’t be learned through talking or just playing. It has to be learned on the court with hundreds of repetitions each day. Players need to be able to adjust their base as a match evolves and patterns emerge. 7 Every coach solves problems in different ways. Some substitute liberally; some will have a specific pattern to get out of a weak rotation; some will train a setter to be an aggressive attacker when a team begins to founder; some have a player who gets subbed out when the crap hits the fan, even when she isn’t the problem. If I know how a coach deals with adversity it gives me the opportunity to prepare my team for the adjustment he is likely to make. It doesn’t guarantee that we will always be successful but it gives us the opportunity to be prepared. 8 How we use our setter to be an attacker is a tactical decision. If our setter can get us timely kills, that is important, but what may be even more important is when a setter attacks but doesn’t get a kill. Think of this like a pitcher in baseball throwing a hard inside fastball that moves the hitter off the plate. When there are only two attackers in the front row, if the setter is not an offensive threat it allows the opponent to commit the middle attacker much earlier. Liberos can only serve for one player; therefore on most teams there is a weaker defender in the back row in one rotation. Where is she? Where is she vulnerable? Do we take advantage of that early or do we wait for a critical point later in the match? With every tactical decision that we make, a coach has to believe that we are more comfortable (trained) in making the adjustment than our opponents will be. 9 Terry Pettit, author of A Fresh Season, at HUMAN KINETICS . . . motivate innovate dominate The Volleyball Coaching Bible, Volume II AVCA and Cecile Reynaud ISBN 978-1-4504-9198-3 • Price: $24.95 NEW RELEASE! Our latest lineup of volleyball and strength & conditioning titles Endorsed by the American Volleyball Coaches Association and edited by volleyball coaching legend Cecile Reynaud, The Volleyball Coaching Bible, Volume II covers the entire court in describing and coaching the nuances of the game and shaping a successful program. Volleyball: Steps to Success Becky Schmidt ISBN: 978-1-4504-6882-4 • Price: $21.95 NEW RELEASE! Through 64 on-court drills and technical instruction for all of the game’s essential skills, author Becky Schmidt, head coach of 2014 NCAA Division III National Champions Hope College, sets you up to become a wellrounded player capable of playing any position on the court. Join HK Rewards and save 30% on these and other titles! Like the Human Kinetics Volleyball Facebook page HUMAN KINETICS The Premier Publisher for Sports & Fitness COACHING VOLLEYBALL | October/November 2015 27