Coaching Volleyball Magazine October / November 2015 - Page 25

3. Give them the chance for success. This was a big problem that I saw early on in my coaching career and it took a non-coach who was an avid observer of D-I volleyball to call me out on it. What happens when you beat a team 25-7 in the first set? We get all wideeyed and think “YEEESSSSS!!! (double fist pump) … Now I can get #3 in the game. We are sure to win the next set … actually … since we are so sure to win … how about I get #7 in for #12, move #12 to RS, have my setter play Libero because she wanted to try it out, Put #2 … NO, #5, in as my other middle blocker and let #10 set … yeah, that should do it. Then when your team takes the court with utter confusion and finds themselves down by 10 points, you start yelling, and now #3, who has waited patiently for three matches to get in, has a horrible experience. Back to my avid observer. He said “Coach Leon, I won’t tell you your business. I’m just a salesman. But I watch a lot of University of Washington women’s volleyball, and I notice that Coach McLaughlin almost never subs in a res \