Coaching Volleyball Magazine October / November 2015 - Page 17

Whether it’s out in the community or within your institution/athletics department, be available for other coaches and staff when possible. Make sure your players are supporting the other teams at the school. Recognizing their faces in the crowd helps ingratiate your team into the fabric of the community and encourage others to, in turn, support your program. Work with your administrator to actively seek out professional development opportunities. If they’re aware that you’re working on your career, the door will always be open for feedback and encouragement. If you attend a clinic or conference, meet with your administrator when you get back and share some notes on how things you learned could apply in your situation. Many administrators run in the same circles and can be valuable advocates when it’s time to find a new job or hire a new staff member. Allowing them to get to know your own skill set and perspective on professional development will pay dividends down the road, especially if you’re looking for a reference. Many About the AVCA Coaches Mentoring Program savvy administrators will recognize when you’re nearing the end of your growth curve at a particular job and can be very helpful in terms of continuing to The AVCA Coaches Mentoring Program was launched in Fall 2010. move up the food chain. This program has been developed to Additionally, be willing to “give allow experienced coaches to share back” when the opportunities theirknowledgeandtalentswithfellow present themselves. If you find a coachesinthevolleyballcommunity.The valuable resource or attend a parAVCA hopes to present mentees with ticularly great conference, share an opportunity for career and personal that with your fellow coaches growth while offering mentors an outlet and your administrators. If through which to provide guidance. you’re all truly working towards the same common goal of deCoaches with an active AVCA memberpartmental success, that kind of shipareeligibletoparticipateintheprosharing and engagement fosters gram.Oncetheregistrationperiodhas growth and development. closed, the AVCA will match people If you’re curious about conaccordingtosimilarareasofinterest. necting with other coaches about The AVCA recommends that pairs how they’ve handled the coachcommunicatebrieflyonceaweek administrator dynamic, check out duringtheofficialmentor/menthe AVCA Mentoring Program at tee year-long relationship. coaches-mentoring-program/. Use Coach Packet to recruit and evaluate athletes at events Athlete Information Access accurate data on all athletes Customized Ratings Rate recruits based on cirteria you determine Event Schedule Set the day’s schedule for you and your staff Offline Access No wifi, no problem! You can work offline Data Export Export your notes and ratings for easy import Front Rush Integration Front Rush users can add recruits with one click COACHING VOLLEYBALL | October/November 2015 15