CMHCF Residents' Review October 2020 | Page 3

Wayne Hart Sittin ’ Around the Fire Pit
Terry Hood Save Me From the Pandemic
Wayne Hart Night Shift Survival Kit
Kathy Jowers 50 ” ONN TV
Pam Dougherty Finally Back to School
Lacrista Todd Coffee Anyone
Alyssa Olonde Rev Me up w / Keurig
Makayla Obert Create w / Cricut
Genny Banister Coffee Heaven w / Keurig
Jennifer Wilson Study in Comfort
“ This tree must be falling for me , as soon as I sat under it , it dropped its leaves .”
-Charmaine Forde
Special Days
Smile Day Oct . 2 Sweetest Day Oct . 17 Halloween Oct . 31


Forget the candy and costumes on Halloween - October should be known as the month for foodies . Not only is it the time of brats and sauerkraut galore , but October is also the official month of pork , pizza , sau-
Tree of the Month - Olive Birthstone - Opal Flower - Calendula
What ’ s Lucky in October ? Color - Yellow Animal - Tiger Letters - W & G Day - Wednesday Plant - Pumpkin