CMHCF Residents' Review August 2020 | Page 3

Dorothy F. John P. Mary C. Willard & Delores S. Steve J. Beverly C. Margaret B. Bula T. Evelyn C. Alice T. Tree of the Month - Oak Birthstone - Peridot Flower - Gladiolus “The brilliant poppy flaunts her head Amidst the ripening grain, And adds her voice to sell the song That August’s here again.” -Helen Winslow What’s Lucky in August? Color - Teal Animal - Rabbit Letters - B & C Day - Sunday Plant - Goldenrod August is the perfect time to enjoy ice cream. And there are so many delicious flavors - from mint chocolate chip to Oreo to lemon pie - that you could easily sample a new one each day of the month. However, up until the turn of the 20th century, ice cream was a luxury item only enjoyed by nobility. Today, the cool, creamy treat is available in nearly every grocery, corner store, restaurant, and home freezer. And while there are literally thousands of flavor options, the most popular of all is simple, vanilla. It’s unclear when ice cream was invented, but it was eaten in ancient China, where rulers enjoyed a frozen concoction made by packing milk and rice into snow. In ancient Rome, Emperor Nero also had a panache for desserts made with snow and flavored with honey, fruit, and nuts. European kings and queens also served “cream ice” at court. The first hand-crank freezer was invented in 1846; before that, ice cream was stirred by hand in a bowl nestled over a bucket of salt and ice. In 1851, mass ice cream production began, making it possible for us all to scream for ice cream.