Club Penguin Metro Chronicle Issue 13 - Page 4

The return of Pookies, and Preps

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Pookies, prep's and all that what not are on the brink of returning - and they're actually here. And this is because of the new Sport's Catalogue that was released earlier this week.

Earlier this week, me and a few other people from the discord came across a prep rally in the stadium. Prep's are penguins who like to role-play the life of high school, however can be very rude, which is probably why not a lot of people like them.

We came across the rally, which more or less filled up the whole stadium. The rally soon came to total chaos, as all of the prep's began arguing. (it was quite fun to watch!)

Prep's tend to explain everything they do to grab some attention. For example, they might say, ''Backflips off the fence,'' but of course, somebody will say, ''I hope you fall.''

The prep's weren't the only people there - there were quite a lot of pookies crawling all over the stadium floor. Pookies were one of the most hated things in the old Club Penguin, so people were not very pleased to see them crawl their way to Club Penguin Rewritten. If you want to see these preps and pookies, head your way to a 5 bar server (especially Blizzard) and head over to the Stadium. Just don't anger any of the preps.


Issue 13 | 27 August 2017