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Beefing up

Andover farm family to open packaging , processing plant in Camanche

by jenna blount photos by jenna blount
Kristin and Andrew Naeve .

Andrew Naeve , the President of Naeve Family Beef , has such a positive attitude and relaxed demeanor that you ’ d never guess just how busy he is .

He has a lot going on : his family , the farm , a trucking company , the new meat processing plant … He never accepts sole responsibility when given praise , though . It ’ s a team effort , and it ’ s always been that way .
In 1895 , Andrew Naeve ’ s third great-grandfather , John Naeve , bought a farm in Andover , Iowa . He and the following generations of his family worked to allow the farm to thrive for decades to come .
In 1978 , Andrew Naeve ’ s grandfather , Alan , and Andrew ’ s father , Ray , decided to focus their efforts on cattle-feed operations that produced high-quality cattle . They created the “ Naeve Livestock Farms ” business . This pivotal point in the family ’ s history set into motion a snowball effect of business success , but not without the drive and intensity that both Alan and Ray possess and have shared with Andrew and his brother , Adam .
The sixth-generation Naeve brothers had talked about wanting their own brand of beef for quite some time , but they had trouble figuring out how exactly to make it happen . After dealing with unexpected challenges thrown their way , such as the impacts of the Kansas Tyson plant fire in 2019 , the emergence of Covid that same year , and the challenges faced by cattle farmers and beef consumers at that time , Andrew and Adam decided to revisit the idea .
Two years later , after 6 months of arduous research and expert studies , several months of construction , and an investment of about $ 12 million , the Naeve Family Beef custom beef packaging and processing plant at 1902 Seventh Ave . in Camanche , Iowa is set to open March 1 .
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