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Andrew and Kristin Naeve are shown in the interior of Naeve Family Beef .

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boxed . Lastly , they are put into the “ Finished Product Cooler ” and are either “ wet-aged ” ( which means they are left in the bags for 10 more days and then cut into steaks , roasts , or other options ) or they are sold and hauled away by the Naeve , Inc . trucking company .
As a USDA-inspected plant , the Naeves have the option of pursuing international shipping , but that ’ s something to be contemplated in the future . Their primary goal is to make the product available locally .
“ This is a massive risk for them ,” Kristin Naeve , Andrew ’ s wife , says about the plant , “ but they ’ re very community-focused and wanting to provide this to the community and know they have a good product that they can provide .”
The product is unique because of the high-quality locally made product that it is , but the plant in which it will be made is unique as well . Among the reasons why is the sewage treatment plant located inside the facility . With this , all of the water used throughout the process can be collected and ultimately returned to the city as safe , clean water . All solids removed from the water will be used by the Naeves as fertilizer on their farm .
The opening of the beef processing plant is a huge development to occur within a town that , as recorded by the 2020 census , has a population of 4,570 people . In the bigger picture of how the Naeve Family Beef plant fits into the global beef market , the most major packers process 1,500 head of cattle per day .
Still , “ I do think there ’ s a lot of political headwind to encourage people to build plants like these ,” Andrew Naeve says , “ because the industry has gotten consolidated into these four major packers that have , like , 80 % of the capacity , and so once their workers got hit by Covid , that ’ s when we ’ d seen they had to shut down plants and the meat shortages , so I think there ’ s a big push to help make these plants more of a reality .”
Now that the plant actually has become a reality , Andrew is excited to get started , but nervous because he , of course , wants it to do well . The community has been fantastic about easing their worries , though . Every now and then , someone may voice concerns about this new development in the town , but Andrew has no reservations about being open and transparent about what the family is doing .
A part of starting a beef processing plant that maybe hasn ’ t been made as obvious as it could be is just how many important details there are . Kristin notes the food security , the food safety , and the quality assurance aspects of production .
“ It ’ s a food product ,” she says . “ You want to protect
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