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One conversation can save a life

In this edition of Clinton Magazine , we are focusing on health-related programs and services offered in the community .

That makes this space the perfect place to raise awareness about the need for discussions about mental health — a cornerstone of an individual ’ s daily life — and suicide , a growing concern throughout the nation .
Most of us know someone , either directly or indirectly , who has died by suicide — a parent , sibling , son or daughter , high school friend or neighbor . One way for all of us to honor the memory of those lost is by participating in September ’ s Suicide Prevention Awareness Month , a time set aside to learn about risk factors and how to get help to those who need it .
By Charlene Bielema , Clinton Magazine Editor
Another facet of the observance is a locally coordinated effort spearheaded by Speak Out Against Suicide , which is leading an effort to have people light up their neighborhoods with purple light bulbs throughout September .
The work carried out daily by this group is impressive . Housed in office space in Camanche and overseen by a board whose members have experienced a loss through suicide , their mission is to light the way for those who are dealing with the darkness of suicidal thoughts and to walk alongside those who are experiencing grief through loss .
Their work underscores the need for communication , to get people to talk to each other about their struggles and get help to those who need it — and that need is growing :
The overall suicide rate in the U . S . has increased by 35 % since 1999 , according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness .
That organization also states suicide is the second-leading cause of death among people aged 10 – 34 and the 12th leading cause of death overall in the U . S . An estimated 46 % of people who die by suicide had a diagnosed mental health condition .
That ’ s where learning about risk factors , keeping an eye on our loved ones , communication and taking action come in .
Having a bad day ? Wrestling with disruptive emotions or thoughts of suicide ? Tell someone .
Noticing that someone is struggling in their daily life or is in crisis ?
Ask them how you can help . Help can also be reached at :
• National Suicide Hotline , 1-800-273-8255 .
• Eastern Iowa Crisis Line , 1-844-430-0375 .
• Your Life Iowa , 1-844-775-9276 .
• Drug & Alcohol Crisis ( Illinois ), 1-855-656-0263 .
• Mental Health Crisis Line ( Illinois ), 1-844-549-4266 .
• Another new tool is the recently launched 988 suicide prevention line . It can be used by a person who needs help or by someone who needs to get assistance to someone else .
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