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Photo : Brendan Fenzel , Jay Dodd and Kali Murphy are working on a tire at the Bicycle Station . Photo by Char Bielema
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Need a new or used bike ? We can help you . We can also service your bicycle regardless of brand or era . All makes and models are welcome .
reaching at least 300 feet .
- Bicyclists should not carry any more people on the bike than it ’ s designed and equipped to carry .
- Also , the use of proper hand and arm signals let others know the moves a bicyclist intends to make , and they should be made with the left arm . To signal a left turn , horizontally extend the left hand and arm out to the left . To signal a right turn , extend the left arm out to the left again , but bend at the elbow and bring the forearm up to form a right angle . The same is true for the correct way to signal slowing down or stopping , except the forearm is brought down to form the right angle .
Clinton has designated bike lanes , such as those on South Fourth Street , but bicyclists can enjoy a greener scenery by utilizing trails at Eagle Point Park or the Discovery Trail . Named for three astronauts who were Clinton County natives , it ’ s formed of nearly 10 miles of asphalt and concrete from the intersection of North Stockwell Lane and North Third Street at Eagle Point Park to the intersection of Washington Boulevard and 15th Place in Camanche .
Jensen says Clinton ’ s Trails Advisory Committee is working on the development of new trails . One August 2 , in fact , the City was awarded a $ 250,000 Transportation Alternative Grant to be put towards the $ 600,000 trail that the Advisory Committee has chosen to take precedence over others . It ’ s planned to be paved , beginning in the spring of 2024 , along 13th Avenue North from Second Street to Clinton Middle School on 14th Avenue Northwest .
“ The main thing to look at for that trail is connectivity ,” Jensen says . “ It really can connect a lot of business , you know , the school , the Ericksen Center , the park , so you ’ re kind of checking off a lot of boxes there . You can really connect a lot of things in the City with that trail .”
Jensen , himself , is likely to be spotted trying out the trail if all goes according to plan . He says that everyone should own four essential bicycles : a road bike , a mountain bike , a cruiser , and a commuter . Of those he owns that he tries to ride as regularly as possible though , he has seven . That ’ s “ just one of the perks of owning a bike shop ,” he says with a laugh .